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Concrete Block Engineers is an independent consulting firm that has helped commercial and non-commercial customers safely build stacked walls since 2017. We specialise in calculating the structural safety of walls made of concrete “Lego” blocks.

Our structural engineers
When working with stacked blocks of concrete, safety comes first, which is why we work with expert structural engineers who have an eye for detail, assuring you of good advice, tailored to your specific situation. Our structural engineers are eager to help you find a safe and stable solution for your project both in the Netherlands or abroad.

Pelecon structural engineers B.V.
Concrete Block Engineers is a trade name of Pelecon structural engineers B.V.
Pelecon is an engineering consulting firm that provides calculations, drafts, check-ups and advice on load-bearing and stability structures in architectural designs for distribution centres, buildings, office spaces, shopping centres, homes and schools.

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  • Expert and independent constructive advice
  • Available in Dutch, English,German, French and Spanish
  • Suitable for submission to the Building Control Department
  • Tailored structural advice for your situation
  • Pricing starts at € 400 for a basic calculation, exclusive of VAT.
  • Stability calculation in your mailbox